Developing an ecologically sustainable, profitable & respected pastoral industry




The library list was instigated by the Upper Gascoyne LCDC – thanks Jason Hastie. Thanks also to Chris Higham (Wooramel LCDC) for her suggestions on marketing information.


It has been  been compiled to provide land managers with a compact collection of the most useful and relevant arid rangeland material available.


If you have suggestions for material to be added to this list please email


Click on any of the titles below to access a PDF of the article.


Arid rangeland management

  1. Rangeland Rehydration Field Guide
  2. Rangeland Rehydration Manual
  3. Pigeon Hole handbook 2007
  4. Environmental constraints and limits to livestock husbandry in arid lands, Le Houérou 2006
  5. Are we overlooking critical geomorphic determinants of landscape change in Australian rangelands? Pringle, Tinley 2003
  6. Restoration of degraded grazing country in the semi-arid areas of NSW
  7. Introduction to Soil Erosion Vegetation & Land Management Natural Resource Management Division Alice Springs 2007
  8. Darryl Hill Erosion Control Workshop notes
  9. Making and using “sieve rolls” fact sheet, EMU 2015
  10. Erosion Control with Envirorolls, Bestprac 2013
  11. Planning and managing farm roads in Namibia: “Let it go, let it flow”


Grazing management

  1. 'Selfherding' A smarter approach to managing livestock and landscapes 2018
  2. Investigating Intensive Grazing Systems in Northern Australia, MLA 2011
  3. Rangelands Self Herding newsletters
  4. Pasture photo standards:

5. Cunyu Station Case Study: An example of profitable, sustainable pastoralism

6. Pigeon Hole handbook 2007


MLA publications - Cattle management

  1. Beef cattle nutrition
  2. A guide to best practice husbandry in beef cattle
  3. Weaner management in northern beef herds
  4. Phosphorus management of beef cattle in northern Australia
  5. Guidelines for the development of extensive cattle stations in northern Australia
  6. Improving the performance of northern beef enterprises
  7. Could your herd be more productive?



  1. Local Market Training - Implications of Free Trade Agreements
  2. for two reports (login required): “Target market opportunities” & “Investment ready: WA agribusiness report”
  3. Growing the North: Market opportunities for irrigated agricultural produce from northern Western Australia