Developing an ecologically sustainable, profitable & respected pastoral industry




The Gascoyne Catchments Group uses strategic planning to keep focused on our long term goals. Our goals and strategies shape development of projects, and results and information feedback to the group’s members.



Rangelands health

Our long term goal is to increase the productive capacity of our rangelands by improving landscape health and applying continual improvement in rangeland management. Rangeland health is the single most important factor in our control that affects our businesses.

It determines long-term productivity, profitability, and risk.

Improving rangeland health will increase productive capacity through higher carrying capacity, greater capacity to cope with variable seasonal conditions, including drought.

Rangeland health is important to us also because it affects ‘ecosystem services’, such of biodiversity, soil and water quality. It’s also shapes how the public perceives our industry and our performance as land managers.

Improving the marketability of GCG cattle

It’s an exciting time in beef production in Australia, with new markets for our products emerging domestically and internationally.

The Gascoyne Catchments Group is working with pastoralists and others in the supply chain to be aware of new markets for our cattle, and to form lasting relationships with other members of the value chain.

As new management options are developed, our pastoralists will have more flexibility in how they run their operations, and will have a greater range of marketing options available to them.

Research & development on production and sustainability

The Gascoyne Catchments group is a keen and active participant in applied R&D. We are motivated to raise the profile of our industry and our region, and to tell our stories through the press, social media and our website. As a trusted and experienced group of land managers, we can influence policy and offer a united producer voice on local and regional issues, as well as providing ideas and information to government agencies and other organisations.