Sharing knowledge, skills and information. 


Sharing knowledge, skills and information.

Gascoyne Catchments Group Annual Pastoral Forum  RoundUp

November 12-13th 2020 Coral Bay

The annual Gascoyne Catchments Group Pastoral Forum was held again this year in the beautiful Coral Bay.  The forum was opened and MC’d by Cath Walsh, who added a great spin to the day by asking each presenter for suggestions on reading/listening & viewing to share with the group.  


The event was well attended with by presenters and landholders alike.  Feedback was positive with most taking something away from the day.

As always, the forum was broken up into four sessions and the days MC keeping everyone on time and focused.

Session One was focused on the WA Beef Supply chain and market opportunities with Phil providing the group with information on behalf of MLA.  Technology made it possible for Angus Gidley-Baird from Rabobank to provide us with a focused presentation on a climate friendly supply chain. Mark Grant from Avon Valley Beef was an addition to the say who provided us with his

We continued straight into Session Two Linking the Beef supply chain with research with our first presenter being Phil Vercoe from UWA who provided us all with some background knowledge on what Beeflinks was all about. Sounds like there is a lot of interesting things happening in that space which is great for the beef industry as a whole.  Courtney Martino from Select Carbon then explained the research she is undertaking around Diet ID and Nutritional mapping.  The West Midlands Group, Nathan Craig and Charles Callaghan shared some great information with the group again this year around Backgrounding and transition cattle from north to south.

A morning filled with information, meant it was time to break for lunch before gathering again for Session Three.

This session was focused around Carbon, Climate & Research.  Dean Revell from Select Carbon started off with great information around carbon farming across the Gascoyne region.  The attendees had some great questions for him, which prompted some interesting discussions.  Alys McKeough, who was representing the Northern Australia Climate Change program gave information around the BOM Climate Buddy program.  Phil Vercoe was in the hotseat again to give us an update on all things Beeflinks CN30.  Joy Sherlock from Rangelands NRM rounded out this session with updates on all of the current and potential programs they have happening across the region.

The final session, Industry Updates started with Leah Sackville providing information insight into the Northern Beef Development II program.  Candy Hudson from the newly formed Federal National Drought and Flood Agency shared with us her role in this new agency.  Candy was provided with a great many questions and I’m sure she left with lots to take back to her agency.  A quick update from Valeria Shrubb of the Gascoyne Development Commission and we rolled straight into a zoom presentation from Luke Simpkins of KPCA.  The final presentation of day came via Zoom again, with Debbie Dowden sharing what is happening with the newly formed Southern Rangelands Pastoral Alliance.

As always the forum couldn’t have happened without the support of UWA & MLA through BeefLinks, nor without the presenters who gave their time.

The Gascoyne Catchments Group Committee would like to thank everyone who presented at this years forum, along with the members of the community who attended.